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Cosmocraft is one of the largest Minecraft Bedrock edition server! We offers many different games like •Skyblock •Faction •Survival •Creative And we are currently working on minigames which will release shortly! Join now [play.cosmocraft.org:19132]

26/05/2021 Updates/Changelogs
2 months ago

We have made changed to some proxy plugins .

• From now the player count will go +1 the ammount of players online.

• If any server crashes / restarts / shutdowns / player gets kicked the player will be transferred to lobby server instead of getting kicked from game.


[5/22/2021] Changelogs
2 months ago

Whole network is back online !
- Navigator compass in lobby has been removed (use the npcs to join servers)
- SMP disconnecting bug is fixed
- New proxy system 
- fixed minor bugs

13/05/2021 [Changelogs]
3 months ago

Fixed lag caused by scoreboard

Scoreboard will be updated immediately.

Small sneak peak
3 months ago

Website update!
3 months ago

New website update is out!

• New space theme.

• Added Wiki (will be worked out more)

• Added Tickets.



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